Ramappa or Ramaligeswara temple situated in Palampet village of Venkatapur Mandal 70 k.m. from Warangal town in Andhra Pradesh(INDIA) is a magnificent monument dating back to 1213 AD. It documents the glory and grandeur of the Kakatiya kingdom.

Among the important and exquisite monuments of the State, the temple of Palampet, popularly known as Ramappa Temple, is an archaeological wonder.

The temple is situated in a valley and is built with bricks so light that they can float on water. Yet the temple is so strong that it is still intact after numerous wars, invasions and natural calamities.

There were even instances of people carrying away the bricks, to be proudly exhibited that they can float on water, before the Archeological Survey of India(ASI) took charge of it.

Marco Polo described the temple as "the brightest star in the galaxy of medieval temples".

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