After a couple of hour's journey on the desolate highway from warangal, a long dusty road leads to Palampeta. Amidst the wilderness, the lawn and the pathway come as a great relief. Then one passes through a low stone-slabbed archway, suddenly facing the awe inspiring, serene, fading beautiful monument. Seeing the weathered beauty is an experience by itself.

Nearest City: Warangal (AndhraPradesh-INDIA)

How to go to Warangal?

Air: The nearest Airport is Hyderabad (141 kms) connected by Indian Airlines flights with Bombay, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar,Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, Nagpur,Vishakhapatnam. EastWestAirlines & Continental Aviation also operates flights from Hyderabad to Bombay.

Rail: Warangal links to all important cities in India by rail.

Road: Warangal is connected by road to Amaravati (319 km),Armur (170 km), Bangalore (707 km), Bombay(880 km), Calcutta(1498 km), Delhi (1463 km), Hyderabad (141 km), Karimnagar (70 km),Madras (686km), Nagpur (478 km), Nirmal (228 km),Nizamabad (199 km), Ramagundam (136 km),