Zilla Parishad Territorial Council ( ZPTC)

Each Mandal elects a ZPTC member. These members indirectly elect the ZP President and Vice President.

The Zilla Parishad has 7 standing committees: health and sanitation, agriculture, women and child welfare, SC/ST, Backward Caste Welfare, and Education. There are no standing committees at the GP or MP. MLAs and MPs are members of the Panchayat Samiti and ZP, have voting rights, and are authorized to send representatives on their behalves—they are also voting members of the standing committees.

ZP Functions: The functions of the ZP are primarly examining, apprising and distributing funds to MPs; coordinate, consolidate and supervise MP plans; advise government on matters relating to developmental activities and maintenance of district sevices. The ZPs are also supposed to be in charge of secondary education, vocational and industrial schools, water schemes, maintenance of ZP buildings and roads; and women and child welfare.

It is said that the postings, promotions and transfers of all the staff of PRIs, working under the control of the ZP and MP are done by the ZP. The ZP staff, however, includes the clerical and other office attendants, like the typists, junior and senior assistants, stenos, etc. as well as drivers, sweepers, watchman and gardeners, teachers & engineering department staff are the only “qualified” personnel listed in the information provided by the government—no gazetted staff.