Gram Panchayat Territorial Council ( GPTC)

The Gram Panachayat in Andhra Pradesh consists of 5 to 21 members (Gram Panchayat Territorial Constituencies GPTCs), depending on population. The Panchayat Act stipulates that there will be a ward member for every 300 population. The GP is headed by a Sarpanch directly elected and an Upa Sarpanch (Vice-President) who is indirectly elected.The arrangements are similar for the Panchayat Samiti (Mandal/Block) and Zilla Parishad (District).

Section 6 of the Act specifies Gram Sabha to consist of all persons who are included in the electoral roll of the GP. Gram Sabhas are to be convened at every village, two times in a year. The Act does not specify a quorum.

GP Functions:GPs are also responsible for maintenance of civic amenities, providing water, resolving social disputes.

Gram Sabha Functions:The accounts of the GP are to be read at the GS, as also the administrative report. The Sabha facilitates in beneficiary selection for various programmes, helPS in imposing new taxes, etc.